Essential Oils are the fragrant essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state. Steam distilled, cold pressed or CO2 extracted, these Essential Oils are the plant’s soul, extracted to bring The Essence of “Well-being” into your life. They are highly potent extracts that have been referred to by Ayurvedic medicine as “liquid sun energy”.

Aromaland has been supplying the world with Essential Oils since 1986 and is known for their huge selection and dedication to quality. The characteristics of Essential Oils can vary like wine. Depending on the species, the location, the ground and weather conditions, the environmental circumstances and the expertise and care given by the farmer and distiller, the oil of the same plant can vary strongly from supplier to supplier. When you order from Aromaland you know you are getting the best quality in the world and not a commercial grade essential oil.

Aroma:Vanilla-like. Rich, sweet, balsamic, comforting and yummy.

Latin Name:Vanilla planafolia

Country of Origin:Madagascar

Cultivation Method:Conventionally Grown

Extraction Method:Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extracted

Extracted From:Fruit


Perfumery Note:Middle/Top

Consistency:Fairly solid paste. It needs to be warmed to become somewhat liquid. This CO2 extract, while wonderful in aroma, is a bit of work to soften, dissolve and blend. We strongly recommend our diluted version for easier handling.

Aromatherapy Properties:Sensual aphrodisiac and one of the most popular flavors/aromas. Comforting and relaxing; also said to help with menstrual problems. Vanilla Essential Oil can be a great discovery in the kitchen. Use very sparingly in sauces, dressings, pastries and desserts.

The potency and incredible fragrancing power of Vanilla Essential Oil make it a great investment, even though it is one of the pricier oils. If you find it hard to dose the pure oil correctly (it is incredibly strong and intense!), or shy away from the cost, start with Essential Oils blended with Jojoba Oil, classified as “i/J” (“in Jojoba”).

Suggested Use:Use a few drops in a diffuser to freshen the aroma climate of your home.

Add 1 drop to 1oz. of unscented body care product (particularly nice in massage products, lip balm and body butters).

If you are purchasing this Essential Oil blended with Jojoba, increase the number of drops you add to your body care or bath according to your liking. You can use oils blended with Jojoba in a diffuser, but it is not recommended in diffusers that work with cotton pads – Car Diffuser, Scent Ball, Spa Scenter – or nebulizers. If using an aromalamp or Aromaland’s Aromashell it will leave an oily residue that can be washed away – but do not overheat the lamp dish!

Add sparingly to food for an exciting, authentic Vanilla flavor, for example, in desserts, salads and pastries. Add a few drops to a jar of sugar; Vanilla sugar adds finesse and aroma to pastries and is great for sprinkling on fruit etc. You can also “Vanillarize” honey, syrup, black tea or coffee.

History:After a few years of reduced harvests, the price of Vanilla Essential Oil has sky-rocketed, and is now comparable to the precious oils. This of course has caused most vanilla products to now contain synthetic vanillin instead of the real thing. However, the difference in quality is stunning, and you will grave the complexity and roundness of real Vanilla, once you experienced it. We can only hope that a sound harvest will end this dilemma for all of us vanilla addicts.

Specific Safety Information:No known toxicity. GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approved by the FDA as food flavor.

Avoid high concentration in pregnancy. Avoid very high concentrations in skin care.