Essential Oils are the fragrant essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state. Steam distilled, cold pressed or CO2 extracted, these Essential Oils are the plant’s soul, extracted to bring The Essence of “Well-being” into your life. They are highly potent extracts that have been referred to by Ayurvedic medicine as “liquid sun energy”.

Aromaland has been supplying the world with Essential Oils since 1986 and is known for their huge selection and dedication to quality. The characteristics of Essential Oils can vary like wine. Depending on the species, the location, the ground and weather conditions, the environmental circumstances and the expertise and care given by the farmer and distiller, the oil of the same plant can vary strongly from supplier to supplier. When you order from Aromaland you know you are getting the best quality in the world and not a commercial grade essential oil.

Aroma:Dry/woody aroma. Rosy/floral. Luxurious with a hint of spice, yet fresh & soft aroma.

Latin Name:Aniba roseaodora

Country of Origin:Brazil

Cultivation Method:Harvested from Wild Growing Plants

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Extracted From:Wood

Color:Pale yellow

Perfumery Note:Middle/Top


Aromatherapy Properties:Pleasing, comforting, warming. Aphrodisiac, and very soothing to the mind. Balances the emotions. Rosewood is valued in skincare for its moisturizing and skin healing properties.

Suggested Use:Add a few drops to a diffuser for a relaxing, “grounding” aroma climate. Add 5 drops to a hot bath for a blissful retreat, mixing the oils with Aromaland’s Coconut Emulsifier or some Half & Half prior to blending it with the water (in order to prevent the oils from floating on the surface).

Add up to 9 drops to 1oz. of unscented body care product. Alternatively, add up to 10 drops of Aromaland’s Tansu Wood, Sacred, Indulgence, Goddess, Mature Skin, Dry Skin, Therasmooth or Sensitive Skin Blends (which contain Rosewood) to 1oz. of unscented body care product.

History:It has been noted that the harvest of Rosewood (also called Bois de Rose) is endangering the rain forest of Brazil, its natural habitat. However, it is largely the need for arable land and development that is threatening the forest. In addition, the Brazilian government requires that a new Rosewood tree be planted for everyone being cut down. Most of the Rosewood is used for luxury furniture and carvings. It is also real popular for chopsticks in Japan.

Specific Safety Information:No known toxicity.