We use an all natural process of infusing 100% Brazilian Coffee with CBD, Matcha and Rooibos to create a super CBD antioxidant coffee.

Perfect for on the Go! If you’re camping, traveling, or simply prefer a super fast cup of amazing CBD coffee in an instant!

Our coffee is infused with an organic coconut base that includes coconut flower nectar and coconut milk powder that helps to increase bio-availability of the cannabinoids.

To make a cup: Add 1 heaping teaspoon to a cup of hot or cold water, this will make a fairly strong cup of coffee. Add a little more or less to your liking. I I

Increase your CBD per cup by adding 1 more One Love Tea CBD Honey Kick It sticks to your coffee.

*Up to 200mg of CBD

Ingredients: Brazilian coffee, hemp-derived CBD, ceremonial grade Matcha green tea, red rooibos extract, coconut milk powder, coconut flower nectar.