Essential Oils are the fragrant essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state. Steam distilled, cold pressed or CO2 extracted, these Essential Oils are the plant’s soul, extracted to bring The Essence of “Well-being” into your life. They are highly potent extracts that have been referred to by Ayurvedic medicine as “liquid sun energy”.

Aromaland has been supplying the world with Essential Oils since 1986 and is known for their huge selection and dedication to quality. The characteristics of Essential Oils can vary like wine. Depending on the species, the location, the ground and weather conditions, the environmental circumstances and the expertise and care given by the farmer and distiller, the oil of the same plant can vary strongly from supplier to supplier. When you order from Aromaland you know you are getting the best quality in the world and not a commercial grade essential oil.

Aroma:Sweet, hot-spicy, very powerful note. Smells just like the spice commonly used in cooking, a bit exotic, yet soft and fruity.Latin Name:Elettaria cardamomum

Country of Origin:Guatemala

Cultivation Method:Conventionally Grown

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Extracted From:Dried seeds

Color:Clear to pale yellow

Perfumery Note:Middle


Aromatherapy Properties:Warming, comforting, and refreshing. Aphrodisiac, uplifting, and soothing.

Suggested Use:Dilute Cardamom Oil in an unflavored/neutral Carrier Oil such as Grapeseed or Canola Oil, and use in preparing pastries, sauces, salad dressings and savory dishes. Add a drop of Cardamom Oil while preparing whipping cream; a wonderful addition to fruit salad, ice cream etc. Also try adding a drop to 16oz. of melted chocolate; maybe add some Orange Essential Oil as well. Cover nuts, dried banana chips, dried papaya and pineapple with this wonderfully aromatic chocolate…yummy!

Try making your own ‘gingerbread honey’ or syrup, and adding it to tea or desserts. This is not only delicious but helps to soothe the stomach as well. The following is a wonderful recipe for such a honey, great also for a homemade gift.

To 2oz. of maple syrup or honey, add:

3 drops Ginger Essential Oil
1 drop Cardamom Essential Oil
1 drop Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
3 drops Vanilla Essential Oil
8 drops of certified organic Orange or Mandarin Orange Essential Oil
History:Well known as a domestic spice worldwide, Cardamom has been used in Eastern medicine since over 3,000 years and was already mentioned by Hippocrates.

Specific Safety Information:Non-toxic, non-irritating. Very powerful, use sparingly.