8 oz. 500mg CBD Isolate

CBDevotion Bath, Body and Massage Oil provides support quickly and deeply. It treats sore, achy, strained, pulled muscles for full body relief with a blend of 500 mg of CBD and pain-relieving Arnica. This luxurious oil also relieves the appearance of stretch marks and scars with vitamin E and other essential oils that hydrate and relax.

Apply as needed directly to affected areas. Can be used as a concentrate combined with other oils or lotions.

Ingredients: Arnica oil, Vitamin E oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Aragon oil, unrefined, cold pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil, (SPF 25-50), MCT oil, 500 mg CBD

CBDevotion blends the best ingredients of modern and old world remedies by infusing CBD crystals with ancient herbal medicine. Our non-corporate, woman owned and operated, all organic skin care line is at the forefront of CBD skin care.