South central bar is a blend of fine single origin cacao from South and Central America creating a complex symphony of balanced flavors with deep cocoa a notes, and full round mid range and high colorful fruit notes. Truly an exquisite.
300mg broad spectrum per package
50mg CBD/oz
Total per package 6 oz.
The CBD is Full Spectrum and has been filtered to remove impurities, producing a clean, fragrant and mild flavor CBD extract in hemp oil base. The fragrance is pure Terpene and has a light orange blossom hint. The CBD imparts a very subtle flavor to the chocolate, just a light herby / olive oil note that blends smoothly with the chocolate, leaving no harsh or hard aftertaste.
Our chocolate making process fully integrates the CBD into the chocolate throughout the batch. This long, slow grinding technique results in a uniform distribution of the CBD so that dosing is accurate, without the “hot spots” often found in products using less effective blending techniques.
Chocolate is a unique carrying vehicle for CBD, and combines to add its own beneficial chemistry to complement and enhance the experience. As chocolate melts at body temperature, its components become quickly available and are taken up to the body’s receptors in the mucus membrane and bloodstream entering the system rapidly and easily. Chocolate contains its own cannabinoids and in addition to Phenylethylamine chemicals that are introduced into the human body when feeling or making love. This produces a similar effect to the one produced by amphetamines, and is in fact classified as a hallucinogen.In addition the pleasure-producing chemicals dopamine and serotonin and Theobromine all contribute to the good feelings chocolate naturally produces. When adding premium quality broad spectrum CBD to Chocolate, the experience is a union of pleasure and healing that is easily assimilated into the body relieving stress, depression, pain and inflammation.
We have named this product the Mellow Mountain Hemp Bar, as we exult in peaceful easy feeling we associate with living in the Mountain beauty surrounding Santa Fe, and the clean fresh air and healthy environment inspire us to produce a healing CBD Chocolate product that is smooth, full flavored, with rich fragrances and premium natural ingredients locally produced in Santa Fe and imbued with the spirit of New Mexico.